truffle bar packaging design

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Here is a peak from the press check for Xocolatl de David’s newest product: “Truffle Bars.” I used a few tricks to pull off this deceptively subtle package: 5 color job [2 color process + 3 solid PMS colors]. I even got to dust off my photo loop and geek out a bit to make sure everything was as it should be.

Of course, the Truffle Bars taste amazing. This is how David describes them on the back of the bar packaging: “Our Truffle Bar is a unique chocolate bar that resembles the smooth, creamy and decadent texture of a chocolate truffle.” Taste them for yourself.

Truffle_Blog_images_1100pxl_2 Truffle_Blog_images_1100pxl_5Truffle_Blog_images_1100pxl_4  Truffle_Blog_images_1100pxl_1