• micro brewing + macro branding

    branding that matches personality of your beer, not necessarily the size of your operation

  • Chocolate Truffle Packaging

  • get wet.
    have fun.
    keep your glasses.

    the devil’s in
    the details
    [1″ detail from hangtag]

  • CD booklet design

  • Translucent CD sleeve design

  • distillery. brewery. winery.

    brand. labels. boxes. logos. stories.

  • Our version of a ‘tri-fold brochure’

Design with Purpose

We love design but we aren’t in business to just make brands, packages and websites look good. We design with purpose. We like to solve problems. We like to deliver beyond expectations. The process that gets us there [listening to a clients desires and goals, asking questions, listening some more and then seeing where that process leads us] is the beginning. Armed with that knowledge and understanding we get to work to solve problems, reach [and surpass] goals and sometimes reveal and clear hurdles that were previously unknown.

The work before design

2015 marks our 20th anniversary. One of the things we learned along the way is the true value of what we do: the time we save our clients, the money we help them make [raising prices, selling more and doubling revenue], etc. Reaching goals doesn’t happen by accident. If you look around you’ll see the results of our work: a well designed package, a successful rebrand, a well crafted website. What you won’t see online, what you can see if we sit down together, is our process and what we do behind the scenes that leads to success.

Catch your eye. Tickle your mind. Start a conversation.

Take a look around. Ideally we’ll catch your eye [or tickle your mind] with a project or two and you’ll want to see more. If you do we can taylor a presentation of our work that directly relates to your project. We can walk you through various projects, explain the thought process/system behind the design and open your eyes to the kind of work we can do for you.
So, take a look at our work and reach out to us if you’d like to sit down with us and see more. Until then, cheers & happy perusing.


google pushing mobile results

google pushing mobile results

“Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.” These are the magic words that you want when you test your website against Google’s new mobile friendly ranking system. Beginning April 21st, websites that Google deems mobile-friendly will receive higher rankings in search results than those sites without. [We’ve head conflicting information and cannot confirm if this will also affect ...

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truffle bar packaging design

truffle bar packaging design

Here is a peak from the press check for Xocolatl de David’s newest product: “Truffle Bars.” We used a few tricks to pull off this deceptively subtle package: 5 color job [2 color process + 3 solid PMS colors]. We even got to dust off our photo loop and geek out a bit to make sure everything ...

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“will design for food”

“will design for food”

Portland is known as a food town but it wasn’t always that way. In 2002, the North Park Blocks was an edgy part of the Pearl with a series of restaurant failures. It was a risky location to start a new restaurant so we were a little surprised when Scott Dolich contacted us to help create his ...

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kind words

  • “You guys rock!! We received both inquiries. Thank you and thanks for looking out for us”

    – A.J. [GM: Park Kitchen & The Bent Brick]