Winery Rebrand: Booklet Design + Story = Website

Cristom Vineyards came to us because they wanted update their brand and website for their 20th anniversary with the goal of telling their story in a humble way. We suggested beginning with their story and then finding a way to put it into their customers hands, naturally. As the story was being written, courtesy of gorgeous words from Ellen Jackson, we explored various ways to present it to customers. We ultimately decided on a hand held booklet. The small size easily fit into a pocket, bag or purse and was packed with enough pages [32 in fact] that it properly told their story in an elegant way.

The booklet became the seed for the rebrand; with the look & feel, design and the story in place we posted a “construction” page while we redesigned their new website. [There is a great story about how the “construction” quadrupled sales and paid for the website redesign before the new site launched – we’d love to share that with you over a glass of Pinot Noir sometime].

[Use the arrows or the dots to page through a sampling of the Booklet story and design above]

The Website Design


Cristom Vineyard’s new site uses intricately designed custom templates for nearly every section on their website. Scroll down to view a few examples of this custom web design.


The homepage [above] features a slideshow with ever rotating beautiful images [courtesy of John D’Anna] and a featured quote. The right side of the site dynamically pulls content from a number of sources so the viewer sees new and current information [reviews, , accolades, events, etc.] with every visit to the site.

Wine Specific Page



Trade Page



Wine Overview Page


Wine Detail Page