I was hired to bring awareness to, and promote, the Waggener Edstrom Bioscience department. The suggested format was a folded brochure. After listening to the goals and scope of the piece, I felt a multi page booklet would be a more appropriate direction. I began designing before copy was created which turned out to be a huge blessing. The team at Waggener liked the booklet format and the clean simple design so they wrote the copy to fit the exact word count, page by page. The result is a booklet that breathes, has a clear message on each spread and elevates the Bioscience brand.

I added some fun bells and whistles to personalize the piece even further:
– Custom binding with a wide spine
– Eyelets to hold the piece together in style
– A long narrow rectangular shape that made for super wide, elegant spreads
– A sticker that folded from the cover to the inside
– Retro policy envelopes [open on the end] an added personal touch that reinforce the horizontal shape
– Die-cut labels with a tab referencing filing folders and card catalogs


WagED_Bioscience_2 horizontal-2xWaggenerEdstrom_Bioscience_p3 WaggenerEdstrom_Bioscience_p2 WagED_Bioscience_3 horizontal-envelope+labelx WaggenerEdstrom_Bioscience_p5WaggenerEdstrom_Bioscience_p7_envelope+label-detailWaggenerEdstrom_Bioscience_p6-Label-detail WagED_Bioscience_1 horizontal-1 WaggenerEdstrom_Bioscience_p7_envelope-+-book-design